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Wrongful Death Erie

Wrongful Death Accident
in Erie Pennsylvania

Joseph Monaco, Pennsylvania Wrongful Death Lawyer

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Pennsylvania State trooper Wrongful Death ClaimOn July 5, 2014, a Pennsylvania woman was killed when a State trooper failed to stop before entering Route 98. Donna Platz, 57, was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. The accident is still under investigation but it appears that the Wrongful death was caused by Trooper Schimp.

As a Pennsylvania Wrongful Death Lawyer, I unfortunately know that this case demonstrates the inadequacy of Pennsylvania’s $250,000 cap on damages when suing a Commonwealth agency such as the Pennsylvania State Police Department. Without this cap on damages, the Pennsylvania Wrongful Death Act and Survival Act would allow the family of the victim to be fairly compensated. There has been vigorous lobbying to increase the amount of this unfair cap but so far it has never gained any traction with Pennsylvania legislatures. Contact your state legislatures to tell them to increase the cap before another innocent family is victimized.

Published 07/15/2014

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