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South Jersey Truck Accident Lawyer

Hire an experienced New Jersey & Pennsylvania truck accident lawyer to protect your and your loved one’s rights. If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident with a truck or tractor trailer in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, there are state and federal regulations governing maintenance and inspections of of the vehicle, the number of hours per day the driver is permitted to operate the tractor trailer and mandatory insurance requirements for the owner of the tractor or trailer. In addition, most current day trucks including tractor trailers have data recording devices or “black boxes” that may obtain critical information about your accident. This data needs to preserved immediately. You need an experienced South Jersey truck accident lawyer to make certain that it is. If the data is favorable to you or your family, the owner of the tractor trailer may destroy it. The data can also be easily written over once the tractor is put back on the road so it is important that you contact me as soon as possible. Experts with special equipment may need to be retained to inspect the tractor including reading and preserving the data from the “black box.” Preservation of this data could be the difference between winning and losing your case.

Serving Atlantic City, Marlton, Cherry Hill, Vineland, Bridgeton, Millville, Camden, Trenton

As a South Jersey truck accident lawyer, it is very troubling to see the needless catastrophic injuries and fatalities being caused by truck accidents. The highways and roads of South Jersey are crowded with commercial vehicles including buses, big rigs, construction vehicles, box trucks and tractor trailers. This is a recipe for disaster. Call me, Joseph Monaco, and I will help your family with answers to the many questions that arise including complex questions about insurance coverage in trucking cases. Obtaining legal representation is crucial in a NJ truck accident. The big trucking companies and insurance companies hire the best lawyers so why shouldn’t you do the same.

Common Causes of NJ Truck Accidents

  • Poor truck maintenance
  • Driving too many hours without proper rest
  • Improper loading and cargo shifting leading to loss of control
  • Untrained or poorly trained operators
  • Reckless and careless driving
  • Distracted driving
  • DUI from alcohol or drugs

Federal Tractor Trailer Regulations

There are many federal regulations applicable to trucking accidents. I suggest you contact me at 215-546-3166 in Pennsylvania, or 609-277-3166 in New Jersey to determine how these rules and regulations may affect you, or your family if victims of a serious truck accident.

Section Contents
Subpart A-General
§ 397.1 Application of the rules in this part.
§ 397.2 Compliance with Federal motor carrier safety regulations.
§ 397.3 State and local laws, ordinances, and regulations.
§ 397.5 Attendance and surveillance of motor vehicles.
§ 397.15 Fueling.
§ 397.17 Tires.
§ 397.19 Instructions and documents.
Subpart B [Reserved]
Subpart C-Routing of Non-Radioactive Hazardous Materials
§ 397.61 Purpose and scope.
§ 397.63 Applicability.
§ 397.65 Definitions.
§ 397.67 Motor carrier responsibility for routing.
§ 397.69 Highway routing designations; preemption.
§ 397.71 Federal standards.
§ 397.73 Public information and reporting requirements.
397.75§ 397.75 Dispute resolution.
§ 397.77 Judicial review of dispute decision.
Subpart D-Routing of Class 7 (Radioactive) Materials
§ 397.101 Requirements for motor carriers and drivers.
§ 397.103 Requirements for State routing designations.

Contact An Experienced New Jersey & Pennsylvania Truck Accident Lawyer Today

As a seasoned personal injury and wrongful death lawyer, who has vast experience handling trucking accidents, I will utilize the latest technology and consult with the best experts to prove your case. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a truck or tractor trailer accident in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, contact me to learn how a truck accident lawyer can help you and your family during these difficult times. Your initial consultation is free. Because I am a Pennsylvania & New Jersey truck & tractor trailer accident lawyer that only represents victims and their families in wrongful death and personal injury claims, I only get paid if you win because I work solely on a contingency fee basis. I am proud to offer the No Recovery, No Fee Guarantee. Contact me, Joseph Monaco, so my skills as a 2nd generation trial lawyer can be used to help you and your family achieve justice. The insurance and trucking companies hire the best lawyers, so why shouldn’t you do the same.

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