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Philadelphia Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Pedestrians are uniquely vulnerable in a collision with a motor vehicle. Even a car going at a low speed can cause devastating injuries. Pedestrians can suffer trauma in a direct blow. Others are hurt when thrown from the car when they strike other vehicles, telephone poles, or fire hydrants.

If you’ve been hurt in an accident, contact Monaco Law PC. Our Philadelphia pedestrian accident lawyer can swoop in and begin building a compensation claim against the motorist who hit you. This type of lawsuit is much harder than many people or their families ever imagine. But we have the skills and resources you need.

Our City Sees Too Many Accidents

Pedestrians are at risk virtually anywhere in Philadelphia. Motorists are too aggressive or negligent and can easily clip, crash, or crunch an unwary pedestrian. We have seen many accidents up close and know that no two are alike. Nonetheless, there are some common collisions:

  • Intersection accidents—motorists can fail to stop, or they try to pass a pedestrian much too closely. These accidents are entirely avoidable if motorists would just follow the rules of the road.
  • Right-on-red accidents—motorists are supposed to come to a complete stop and check that no pedestrians are in the way before turning. Sadly, many just turn and drive straight into pedestrians.
  • Parking lot collisions—pedestrians can get hit by drivers backing up or turning in parking lots, often because the driver is in a rush.
  • Drunk driving accidents—an impaired motorist can drive up onto the sidewalk or run a red light and hit a pedestrian. Many intoxicated drivers are going much too fast, which increases the odds of a serious injury.
  • Fatigued driving—a tired driver might fall asleep and drift onto the sidewalk or fail to stop when a pedestrian is in the crosswalk.

Truth be told, some pedestrians are jaywalking when they are hit. Consequently, they bear some responsibility for the crash. In Philadelphia, your contributory fault will possibly reduce the amount of compensation you receive. In certain cases, your contributory fault could completely bar any lawsuit where you are more at fault than the defendant.

Your attorney should fully investigate the accident. This investigation will identify fault for the crash so that a victim can receive compensation. At Monaco Law, we usually request damages for medical care, income loss, property damage, and pain and suffering. Our goal is to make you whole following a pedestrian crash.

Call our Philadelphia Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Today

The weeks after a pedestrian accident are a terrifying time. Your injuries could prevent you from leaving the hospital or your home. As medical bills arrive in the mailbox, you might have no visible means of supporting yourself. You need an experienced Philadelphia pedestrian accident attorney to review your case.

Contact Monaco Law today. We offer a free consultation to anyone hurt in a pedestrian crash. This is a good chance to share your concerns and learn more about the legal recovery process. We will determine whether you can make a claim and what damages are available.

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