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Philadelphia Lyft Accident Lawyer

Lyft is the second-most popular rideshare company nationwide. It also has a big presence in Philadelphia. Many people enjoy getting a Lyft as an alternative to a taxi or taking the bus. Lyft is a highly regarded company which allows people to use their vehicles as taxis to make a little money on the side.

Unfortunately, Lyfts can get into accidents like any other vehicle on the road. These collisions injure motorists but also Lyft passengers. If you were hurt in one of these collisions, you should immediately call Monaco Law PC. Our Philadelphia Lyft accident lawyer can properly analyze whether you have a legitimate claim for compensation and begin starting the process.

Was a Lyft Driver Responsible for Your Crash?

Lyft employs people on an independent contractor basis. Their drivers aren’t employees but instead 1099 contractors who only get paid if they work. They also use their own cars to shuttle people around Philadelphia. The independent contractor status matters when it comes to accidents. Employers are not automatically liable for an accident when it is committed by an independent contractor.

Still, Lyft drivers should have insurance which kicks in to cover many accidents. As a victim, you need to establish the Lyft driver is at fault. The usual rules regarding Philadelphia car accidents apply, and a Lyft driver is only responsible if he or she negligently caused an accident. This might mean the driver was distracted or careless in how they drove. Fortunately, Lyft drivers have a $1 million insurance policy which can pay compensation when they are to blame.

Here’s what you should do following a Lyft accident:

  • Take pictures of the cars involved. Go around each side and take a photograph. You can use your smartphone.
  • Ask for the names and contact information for any witnesses. These could be people on the sidewalk who saw the collision. You might need their testimony later to help establish what happened.
  • If you were driving a vehicle, you should ask for the Lyft driver’s insurance information, registration, and driver’s license. Share the same.
  • If you were a Lyft passenger, get the names of all drivers involved.
  • Make sure the police are called to report the accident. Your Lyft driver should go ahead and do that, but some might forget.
  • Go to the hospital as soon as realistically possible to have a doctor look at your injuries. The sooner you receive treatment, the higher the odds of a full recovery.

We have helped people injured while riding in Lyfts or when driving a car struck by a Lyft. Negotiating a settlement differs slightly depending on whether you were a passenger or not. Passengers generally have more insurance available. It’s possible if you were driving another vehicle that you will receive less compensation if the Lyft driver hadn’t picked up a passenger.

Speak with a Philadelphia Lyft Accident Lawyer Today

Monaco Law will help you quickly if you reach out to us today. We know how to negotiate tough settlements that compensate our clients fully for their medical bills and other expenses. Please call to speak with a Philadelphia Lyft accident lawyer for more information.

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