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Cumberland County Truck Accident Lawyer

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Cumberland County Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle crashes happen frequently because other motorists do not see motorcyclists as easily or quickly as other drivers. This delay can lead to the cutting off a motorcycle while merging onto a highway, or turning in front of an approaching motorcycle along a back road. Most motorcycle accidents involve a frontal impact to the motorcycle. Cumberland County, New Jersey accidents need to be investigated early because insurance companies try to place blame on the motorcycle rider by arguing he was speeding or driving erratically. Because critical evidence can be lost or destroyed as time elapses, it is important to hire me, Joseph Monaco, a Cumberland County Truck Accident Lawyer as soon a possible to start the investigation of your Cumberland County Motorcycle Claim.

To prevail in a Cumberland County Motorcycle Case, the motorcycle rider or passenger must prove that the other motorist was reckless or negligent. To show fault, you need to prove reckless or careless operation of the striking vehicle which directly led to harm, i.e. bodily injury or wrongful death. Monetary damages may be awarded under New Jersey law for lost wages, medical bills and compensation for pain and suffering and loss of life’s pleasures.

Cumberland County Tractor Trailer Accidents

The trucking industry is highly regulated; however, many truckers still drive too many hours without proper rest, which directly leads to catastrophic injury or fatal accidents with other motorists. There are other possible causes of Cumberland County, New Jersey trucking accidents as well. This would include poor vehicle maintenance or improper loading of cargo. Consequently, it is crucial that an investigation take place immediately. Call me, Joseph Monaco, if you or a loved one are the victim of reckless or careless driving by a truck operator so an investigation on your or your loved one’s behalf can begin. Many trucks have “black box” data that needs to be preserved before it is lost or destroyed. It is also important that scene and vehicle evidence such as skid marks, crush points, or debris is preserved by photography or possession. Call or text me at 609-277-3166 to make sure a proper investigation of your Cumberland County Truck Accident Claim is conducted before it is too late. The insurance and big transportation companies begin their investigations the same day as the crash and so should you, if possible.

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As a New Jersey Trial Lawyer, I take pride in fighting for my clients for over 25 years. If you hire me, I will work tirelessly to achieve a maximum recovery on your behalf. My office helps clients throughout Cumberland County including residents of Vineland, Bridgeton and Millville.

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