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Recovering Compensation in Pennsylvania after a Birth Injury


When it is time to give birth, this can be an emotional, exciting, and even scary time for a mother. Especially if the birth is the first she ever experiences. To facilitate safe labor and delivery, many expectant mothers are connected with a hospital where they will go to give birth to their babies. The expected outcome is one where the delivery goes smoothly so that mom and baby are healthy and unharmed. However, this may not be the case in situations where medical mistakes have been made. Birth injuries are something that can happen as a result of medical malpractice.

If you believe you were harmed by medical negligence during your labor and delivery or if your child was hurt by errors, it can be advantageous to consult with an attorney for more information on your rights. Our birth defect lawyer at Monaco Law PC can assist you with a birth injury claim.

What Damages May be Collected from a Birth Injury Claim? 

Mistakes during labor and delivery can harm both the mother and her baby. If this happens, filing a claim to recover financial compensation for damages may be appropriate. A birth injury claim may have any or all of the following compensable damages:

  • Payment for all medical treatment required to fix the injury or illness, including money for future and ongoing medical care.
  • Payment for the full amount of pain and suffering experienced by the medical negligence and the resulting birth injury.
  • Payment for missed wages when the medical negligence caused extensive harm will require a victim to take time away from work and lose their access to gainful employment and the earnings that come with that.
  • Payment to punish the medical provider for their reckless actions. These damages are called punitive damages, and while they are not awarded frequently in injury cases, there are instances where they are called for. The money from punitive damages provides an additional amount of compensation to a victim who suffered at the hands of a medical provider who engaged in particularly grievous actions.

The aftermath of a birth injury experience can be incredibly traumatic and even life-changing. When a birth injury happens because a medical provider was not providing a level of care that was up to established guidelines, legal action may be a necessary form of recourse.

All injury suits have a statute of limitations to file a claim. Pennsylvania birth injury claim statute of limitations gives both parents and their children the time to file a claim until the child reaches 21 years old.

Speak to a Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney Today 

The Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer at Monaco Law PC can help you get the justice you deserve after a birth injury. You are welcome to schedule a free initial consultation to go over your case by calling (609) 277-3166 for our New Jersey office and (215) 546-3166 for our office in Pennsylvania.

We are a New Jersey and Pennsylvania birth injury law firm serving Atlantic County, Burlington County, Cape May County, Camden County, Cumberland County, Gloucester County, Mercer County, Middlesex County, Ocean County, Salem County, and all of South Jersey.



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