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Trinity Guardrail Fraud

Jury finds Trinity Industries Defrauded
Government with Defective Guardrail Design

Joseph Monaco, Pennsylvania & New Jersey Trial Lawyer

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I recently posted a Blog about safety concerns regarding the redesigned Trinity ET-Plus guardrail heads used along major roadways. They have been installed without the various municipalities or other governmental agencies knowing the implications of the design change. Since my initial Blog on the subject, a civil jury in Texas found that Trinity Industries defrauded the government’s Federal Highway Administration for its failure to disclose the design change, which saved the company only $2 per unit. More than half of the governments using the new designed guardrail head have now banned its use. A recent study conducted by the University of Alabama-Birmingham revealed that the redesigned head unit was 1.45 times more likely to result in serious injuries when there is an accident and an incredible 3.95 times more likely to lead to accident fatalities. This is another example of why tort reform is misguided. Without being held accountable for the deaths and injuries caused by the defective guardrail heads, companies would have no incentive to design safe products.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in an accident involving a guardrail, contact Joseph Monaco to determine if a design defect led to increased injuries or death. Call or text 609-277-3166 in New Jersey or 215-546-3166, in Pennsylvania for a free consultation.

Published 10/30/2014

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