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Who is Responsible for Your Injuries if You Were Hurt on a Sidewalk in New Jersey?


When a sidewalk is available, almost everyone will use it. And, it doesn’t matter what the weather is or the time of the year. At any point, you are likely to see someone traveling about on a sidewalk where they exist, with more people using them in more densely populated cities. But, if you have ever walked on a sidewalk, which you likely have, you probably have noticed it is not uncommon for sidewalks to be uneven, broken, and otherwise not in the best condition. When a sidewalk is defective, it can be easy for anyone to fall and hurt themselves.

If a sidewalk accident happens, the person who fell may have suffered severe injuries. Falls can lead to much more than just bruises and bumps, after all. They can result in broken bones, deep lacerations, sprains, and some fall accidents can be fatal. When injuries are sustained after a fall accident, who is legally responsible for paying for a victim’s damages? The answer is that it really depends on where the sidewalk accident happened. Different states have varying rules for liability.

Suppose you were injured on a sidewalk in New Jersey that was in disrepair. In that case, you are welcome to consult with our South Jersey slip-and-fall attorney at Monaco Law PC for assistance in determining what your legal options are.

Sidewalk Liability in New Jersey

For sidewalk accidents in New Jersey, liability depends on where the accident occurred. For example, when a pedestrian has a fall accident on a sidewalk in front of a commercial business, then the commercial building owner would likely be responsible for paying for the damages that a fall victim suffers. This is because the commercial property owner is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of their sidewalks. This means the following:

  • When cold weather arrives and snow and ice fall, snow must be removed and ice removed from the surface of a sidewalk to prevent slipping.
  • Wear and tear and fluctuations in temperature can cause sidewalks to break and crack. Repairing a sidewalk so that it can be more level will help mitigate trip and fall risks.

When a slip-and-fall accident happens on a residential sidewalk, things get a little more complex. A property owner could be responsible in some situations, but not all. Likewise, the government may or may not be liable for injuries on sidewalks in front of a public office building.

Speak to a South Jersey Sidewalk Accident Injury Attorney Today 

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