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Pennsylvania Motorcycle Traffic Laws


There were just under 800,000 licensed motorcyclists in the state of Pennsylvania in 2023, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Indeed, there are a lot of people that enjoy riding their motorcycles in Pennsylvania.

While motorcyclists must adhere to and follow the same traffic laws as other drivers, they have some of their own regulations and laws that they must know about and abide by. Knowing Pennsylvania’s motorcycle traffic laws is critical to avoiding legal hassles and staying safer on the roads.

What to Know About Riding a Motorcycle in Pennsylvania

All motorcyclists who ride in Pennsylvania should follow these traffic rules:

  • To operate a motorcycle in Pennsylvania, a driver must have a Class M designation on their Pennsylvania Driver’s License.
  • When learning how to ride a motorcycle and with the assistance of a supervisory rider, a motorcyclist will have to have a permit.
  • It is the law to wear a motorcycle helmet in Pennsylvania. Motorcyclists can choose one that is approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation Standards.
  • Lane splitting is unlawful in Pennsylvania. Lane splitting happens when a motorcyclist drives between lanes going in the same direction of traffic.
  • Up to two motorcyclists can ride together and next to each other in a single lane.
  • It is only lawful for a motorcycle to have more than one rider when the bike is designed to hold more than one individual.
  • When driving a motorcycle, keeping both hands on the handlebars is necessary.
  • Motorcyclists must have insurance and will be deemed to have full tort coverage. They can file a claim against another driver’s insurance.
  • Motorcyclists must have liability insurance but not medical benefits coverage known as PIP.

Many of these rules, like not having to wear a helmet or illegal lane splitting were put in place to keep motorcyclists safe.  Since motorcyclists are smaller than other vehicles, they can be much harder to see so taking extra precautions is essential to safeguard riders while on the road.

Still, even though motorcyclists are limited in what they can do with their bikes, larger vehicles have a duty to drive safely around motorcyclists. For example, a larger truck or car must provide enough room for a motorcyclist to avoid a crash.

Speak to a Philadelphia and Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney Today

Following the motorcycle rules when you ride in Pennsylvania is critical. However, even when you are responsible, that doesn’t mean another driver won’t behave negligently and cause an accident. Since motorcycle accidents tend to come with very expensive losses and severe physical bodily harm, getting the most out of an injury claim is important.

At Monaco Law PC, our Pennsylvania motorcycle accident injury lawyer offers free consultations to victims of Pennsylvania motorcycle accidents. If you would like help with your claim, you can call (215) 546-3166 for our office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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