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What Drivers Should Know About Pennsylvania’s Highway Safety Laws


It is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the rules of the road when you visit other states where you may have never driven before. This is because there can be differences in ordinances or rules that vary from what you are used to driving in your home state or locally where you live. Even if you are not planning on traveling out of state, it is also helpful to review the laws of your home state because rules can change or be forgotten with time.

The highway safety laws are in place for a purpose. That is, to keep everyone as safe as possible while traveling on the highways by minimizing the risk of accidents. Of course, a key to making this happen is drivers knowing these laws and following them.

Making sure to drive according to the traffic safety laws can keep you safer while you are on the road and it can also ensure that you do not face any legal penalties.

Driving on the Highway in Pennsylvania: What You Should Know

Pennsylvania’s traffic safety laws are as follows:

  • Stay to the right and drive in the right lane when traveling on a multi-lane highway. The only time to move out of the right lane include:
    • When overtaking another motor vehicle.
    • If traffic is merging.
    • When turning left a driver may lawfully travel in the left lane for up to two miles before they make their turn.
    • When law enforcement or other traffic control officials signal the need to move over into the left lane.
    • Violations of the above rules can come with a $100 fine.
  • If inclement weather causes a driver to put their windshield wipers on, then they must also ensure that their headlights are on. Violating this rule can come with fines and costs that, together, can cost as much as $100.
  • When snow or ice accumulates on a car, it is imperative to clear ice and snow off of the car before getting behind the wheel to drive. This is to reduce the chances that snow and ice will slide off a vehicle and hit others. Violating this rule can lead to a fine of as high as $1,000 for each incident/offense.
  • Drivers who see a disabled vehicle ahead of them, an emergency scene, or law enforcement engaging in a traffic stop must move over one lane, provide room, and reduce speed. Violating this rule can lead to a fine as high as $250.
  • A driver who violates Pennsylvania’s traffic safety laws while in an emergency response area or active worksite can be fined twice the normal amount along with facing a license suspension.

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