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How to Report Hazardous Working Conditions in Pennsylvania


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2022, there were just under 3 million recorded nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses in the private sector. Injuries at work can happen at any time for several reasons. If your workplace has unsafe working conditions, then you are at increased risk of harm. You may wonder if you should report your work environment and if you decide to do so how to proceed.

Hazardous work conditions make all employees vulnerable to being hurt in an accident. When a workplace injury in Pennsylvania happens, a worker who is injured may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim. Filing a workers’ compensation claim can be complex to do alone. But with the help of a Philadelphia workers’ compensation attorney at Monaco Law PC, injured workers can have experienced and skilled legal representation helping them hold their employer accountable for unsafe conditions.

How to Contact OSHA About Unsafe Working Conditions 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a government body that oversees workplace conditions and worker safety.  If your workplace is hazardous and unsafe, then you should report the conditions to your employer first. Doing so in writing creates documentation and a record of your attempts at communication. By alerting your employer of a problem and allowing them reasonable time to take action, things may resolve themselves with employer involvement.

Should your employer ignore your complaint, then contacting OSHA can make sense. You can file an online complaint or if there is a serious issue that needs to be addressed more quickly, you can call (800) 321-OSHA. You can also complete an OSHA Notice of Alleged Safety or Health Hazards (NASHH) form and mail it to your local OSHA office, send an emailed copy of the NASHH form to your local office, fax the NASHH form to your local office, or you may go to your local OSHA office in person. There are several ways to report an issue making doing so possible for most workers.

It is not uncommon to be worried about reporting an unsafe work environment for fear of retribution from your employer. The good news is that while you cannot be anonymous when you send a complaint to OSHA, you can choose whether or not you would like to have your employer see your name.

After a complaint has been filed, OSHA may decide that an inspection of the work conditions should be made. When this happens officials will come out to do so on-site. OSHA may contact your employer who must respond. After an investigation, a determination will be made as to if violations happened or if a serious hazard was present. Violations and hazards could result in citations, penalties, and the need to engage in corrective actions.

Speak to a Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today 

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