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How SEPTA Accidents Can Happen


If you live in or are visiting the greater Philadelphia area in Pennsylvania, then you may be interested in a safe and effective way to travel throughout the region. Traffic can get heavy in Philly, and parking can be difficult to find. As a result, you may decide that taking public transportation is the best option. You wouldn’t be alone. The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) transit system is one of the largest in the state of Pennsylvania and the country as a whole. SEPTA provides several transportation options, including regional rail, trolleys, subways, busses, and high-speed lines.

SEPTA operates under many safety regulations, which make this form of traveling throughout the area generally safe. However, like anything, nothing is ever guaranteed, and accidents can happen, even with public transportation systems like SEPTA.

If you were in a SEPTA accident, then you may be able to recover damages through legal action. Figuring out what your options are includes determining what caused your SEPTA crash. When negligence is behind the reason why a SEPTA accident happened, then you may be owed financial compensation for your losses, and you have the right to pursue it. Our Philadelphia automobile accident attorney at Monaco Law can help you with your claim.

Top Reasons Why SEPTA Accidents Happen

 The following situations can occur while using SEPTA, and if so, then filing a claim for compensation may be possible for those who were harmed.

Negligence on Behalf of the SEPTA Driver 

Despite the training and even experience a SEPTA driver may have, their behavior and actions can negate all of their skills when operating their vehicle. When a driver comes to work tired, they are not going to be sharp-minded enough to make clear decisions quickly enough to account for changing conditions. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicate that drowsy driving is incredibly dangerous, and to illustrate this, in 2020, 633 traffic accident deaths were attributed to drowsy driving. In addition, a driver who is distracted by their phone or eating food or a driver who is inebriated when they come into work are also examples of negligence on behalf of the SEPTA driver.

Not Following the Rules of the Road 

When a driver is not following the rules of the road, like failing to yield to pedestrians, a SEPTA vehicle can hit someone in a crosswalk, which can cause catastrophic injuries or be deadly.

Negligence By Other Motorists

 Other drivers on the road who travel near a SEPTA vehicle, a car, truck, or motorcycle can also make mistakes. The misconduct of another driver can cause an accident if a driver crashes into a SEPTA vehicle.

Defective Vehicles 

It is always possible that parts or components of a vehicle can be defective. Here, manufacturers may be liable for a resulting crash. However, SEPTA vehicles must also be adequately maintained, and a failure to keep up with regular maintenance and repairs can also lead to a crash for which the transit system may be liable.

Property Maintenance Failures

 SEPTA premises must also be kept up to avoid potential rider injury accidents. Whether it is a bus station or a train platform, if there are defects or issues with the property, it may be possible to file a compensation claim.

Speak to a Philadelphia SEPTA Accident Attorney Today 

If you were harmed while riding on a SEPTA vehicle, please call our Philadelphia SEPTA injury accident attorney at Monaco Law PC. To schedule a free initial consultation, please call (215) 546-3166 for our office in Pennsylvania.

We are a Pennsylvania public transportation injury law firm serving all of Pennsylvania, but with a concentration in southeast Pennsylvania including Bucks County, Chester County, Philadelphia, Montgomery County, Delaware County and Berks County.



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