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Can Dash Cam Footage be Used to Support Your Personal Injury Claim?


These days, technology comes in many forms and is more attainable and affordable. Dash cams are usually associated with police vehicles, but private cars can use them, too. The rules, though, vary depending on where you live.

In New Jersey, it is legal to use a dash cam in your car if it is installed properly which is basically near the windshield on the dashboard of the passenger’s side. In Pennsylvania, businesses can use dash cams but there are specific rules like having the permission of all passengers to have their voice recorded for dash cams that have this feature.

When it comes to taking legal action against another party after a car accident, it is better to have more evidence than less. There are many types of evidence that may exist when a car accident occurs, including video footage that may come from a dash cam. If the footage that a dash camera records shows much of how the accident happened, this may or may not be useful to use to support a personal injury claim.

Whether or not you can use dashcam footage to help you with your personal injury claims is a good question that an attorney can answer. Monaco Law PC is a auto accident attorney with more than 30 years of experience practicing law. The importance of winning your claim and getting the most financial compensation from it cannot be understated. Monaco Law PC knows how to get results and help victims obtain the full amount of compensation they are owed.

How Dash Cam Footage Can Affect a Personal Injury Claim 

In states where it is legal to use a dash cam, they are becoming quite popular. Typically, when you start driving and put your vehicle in gear, your dash cam device will begin recording. This may be only visual recordings, or a dash cam can also record audio. Many dash cams can record what happens in front of a car, but others may also have the capability to record what happens in the rear.

When you are filing an injury claim, proving that another party is liable for causing your accident is critical to getting paid for your losses. It is possible that your dash cam footage may uncover details about how your accident took place and also who was responsible for causing it.

A dash cam’s footage may reveal what happened prior to your accident, but it can also provide more insights into what happened during and after. All of this information can be critical to showing that another party’s negligent behavior caused your accident.

To better illustrate this, let’s say your camera showed the other driver using their phone while operating their car right before the accident. This may speak to the fact that they were distracted while driving and their negligence caused the crash. Or, your dash cam may have footage of another driver running a red light. Footage that shows errors on the part of others can help you prove your case.

On the other hand, your dash cam can also record what you are doing while driving and any mistakes you make. If you were behaving negligently, then this type of footage would be detrimental to your claim.

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Car accident claims can be complex. Knowing what evidence to gather to build the strongest claim is important. Our South Jersey personal injury lawyer at Monaco Law PC can help. Call Monaco Law PC to schedule a free consultation at (609) 277-3166 for our New Jersey office and (215) 546-3166 for our office in Pennsylvania.

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