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South Jersey Slip, Fall & Dog Bite Lawyer > York Premises Liability Lawyer

York Premises Liability Lawyer

York County, Pennsylvania premises liability law covers a wide range of accidents wherein someone is injured because of reckless or negligent conduct of another person or entity. People, businesses and government entities such as a township have a ‘duty of care’ to ensure that their properties are safe for their intended uses. If you or a loved one have been wrongfully injured or killed in York County, Pennsylvania, call me, Joseph Monaco, to learn your rights from a seasoned York Premises Liability Lawyer. Premises liability covers privately and publicly owned properties such as restaurants, parks, sidewalks, residences, office buildings and retail stores such as Walmart or Target.

Premises Liability in York County, Pennsylvania may arise from such things as:

  • Playground accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Dog attacks
  • Assaults in parking lots or office buildings
  • Defectively designed roadways
  • Defective stairways
  • Ice covered sidewalks
  • Collapsing ceilings
  • Wet bathroom floors

Speak with a York Premises Liability Lawyer Today

Anyone who contributes to an accident happening is potentially liable for the harm caused. It could be a property manager, apartment tenant or a school district. If you are injured on someone else’s property, Pennsylvania law entitles you to an award of monetary damages for things such as medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. If you think you or a loved one have a claim arising in York County, Pennsylvania, call or text me at for a Free Consultation and the No Recovery, No Fee Guarantee. Don’t wait! An early investigation of your case is crucial to a successful recovery.

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