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South Jersey Slip, Fall & Dog Bite Lawyer > Winslow Township Slip & Fall Lawyer

Winslow Township Slip and Fall Lawyer

Unexpectedly Falling in Winslow Township, New Jersey

Winslow Township, New Jersey slip and fall accidents can lead to serious personal injuries, especially to the elderly who already have failing and weakened health. When your fall is caused by the reckless or careless behavior of a property owner or manager, meaning that they knew or could have easily discovered a dangerous condition, and did nothing fix or correct it, you or a loved one are likely entitled to make a personal injury or wrongful death claim against the company or person involved. If you need a Winslow Township Slip and Fall Lawyer, don’t hesitate to contact me, Joseph Monaco, to learn your rights.

Winslow Township slip and fall Accidents can happen many ways:

  • A restaurant ignores cleaning up spilled food on the floor
  • A walkway is uneven
  • A business fails to shovel and salt ice and snow
  • A retail store fails to put out rubber mats when it is raining outside
  • A tenant or landlord fails to fix a broken handrail

Proving Liability in a Winslow Township Fall Case

As the injury victim pursuing a slip and fall case, the burden of proof is on you to show that a defective or dangerous condition caused your fall, and that the condition was known or reasonably discoverable by the property owner or occupier. The burden of proof means you have to show these facts to be more likely true than not true. Like most cases, slip and fall cases can be complex and require experts such as engineers to prove fault. You do not want to handle a personal injury case like this on your own. Rather, you should hire a lawyer who has years of experience handling these kinds of cases and knows how to prove them in Court. I have over 25 years of experience as a trial lawyer representing clients in slip and fall and other premises liability cases.

The Time to File Your Winslow Township Claim is Now

It is important to act quickly before evidence is lost or destroyed and before you run out of time to file your case in the Superior Court of New Jersey. The statute of limitation for slip and fall cases is two years. However, an early investigation can be crucial to success. If you wait the full two years to hire a lawyer, the investigation will start too late. Also, a claim against a governmental entity such as the State of New New Jersey or Winslow Township requires 90 days notice; otherwise, the claim is barred.

Call our Winslow Township Slip & Fall Lawyer Today

Meet in person with me, Joseph Monaco, for a free consultation and I will go over the details of your case to determine whether it is worth pursuing. If you put your trust in me, I will work tirelessly to achieve a maximum monetary award on your behalf. Call or text me at 609-277-3166 or fill out the online email form to reach me.

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