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Winslow Auto Accident Lawyer

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Being in a Winslow Township, New Jersey auto accident can be a nerve racking experience. Stress immediately kicks into high gear when dealing with the police department, tow truck company, emergency room staff, auto body repair shop, car rental agency, insurance claim representatives or others. It’s best not to go through this struggle alone. If you or a loved one have been injured or killed in a Winslsow Township auto accident, call me, Joseph Monaco, to learn how an experienced Winslow Auto Accident Lawyer can be put to work for you.

Steps to take after a Winslow Township Auto Accident

After the crash, you should first try to determine if anyone has been injured. If so, call 911 to summon an ambulance and the police. Next, you should take or direct someone to take photographs of the scene and vehicles. If possible, try to shoot the vehicle photos before the vehicles are moved. Once the accident scene has been cleared, you will need to open a claim with your insurance company for medical and collision coverage benefits. You will be assigned a claim number to provide to your medical providers and the auto body repair shop. When you report the claim, do not think your own insurance company is on your side. DO NOT ADMIT FAULT! Simply explain what happened in simple terms without assigning blame.

Call our Winslow Car Accident Lawyers Today

In the process of completing the above steps, it is best to call me as soon as possible to gain control of the situation. Trusting the insurance companies is never a smart choice. Their goal is to put profits first by paying out as little in compensation as possible. Speaking to a lawyer early in the process is a big advantage and will help you avoid being tricked by the insurance companies. You can hire a Winslow Township Auto Accident Lawyer by calling or texting me 609-277-3166 for a Free Consultation. You may also fill out my online contact form to reach me.

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