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South Jersey Slip, Fall & Dog Bite Lawyer > Salem County Slip & Fall Lawyer

Salem County Slip and Fall Lawyer

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A Salem County New Jersey slip and fall accident may be caused various ways. For example, oil or ice in a parking lot, turned up or loose carpeting at a friend’s home, merchandise in a store isle, missing handrails, or food on the floor of a grocery store. Call or text me, Joseph Monaco, Salem County Slip and Fall Lawyer, to protect your rights after a fall. You should have legal representation when dealing with the insurance company or big corporation. After all, it is their goal to pay you as little as possible to increase their profits.

The harm from a Salem County Slip and Fall Accident can vary from bodily injury to wrongful death of a loved one. New Jersey law holds property owners, managers and tenants responsible for the failure to keep the property safe. It could be a residential or commercial property.

Salem County Construction Accidents

Salem County New Jersey construction site accidents are common in the work place. Across the country thousands of workers are needlessly injured or wrongfully killed each year. Property owners, general contractors, sub-contractors and other construction companies or engineers are responsible for keeping each work site safe including implementing safety programs for workers. There are governmental regulations including OSHA that pertain to construction projects. Because the location of the accident is under construction, evidence of your accident could be lost almost instantly. Therefore, it is important that you hire me, Joseph Monaco, as your Salem County Construction Accident Lawyer immediately. I will carefully answer your and your loved one’s questions about liability for your bodily injuries or a family member’s wrongful death. I will hire experts to inspect the site and outline what code violations led to the construction accident. Responsibility may rest with many individuals or companies. Workers’ Compensation benefits may not be the only recovery you or your family member may be entitled to receive. The reckless or negligent conduct of construction companies may lead to civil liability including the responsibility to pay money damages.

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