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Pennsylvania Premises Liability Lawyer

Pennsylvania premises liability laws are in place to keep the public safe. Whether someone owns or operates a Pennsylvania home, retail store or public park, they are responsible for ensuring the safety of their social guests and business invitees. Under Pennsylvania law, property owners must use reasonable care to make sure the property is safe for its intended use. This can range from fixing a cracked sidewalk to warning about the risks of entering a property. If you or a loved one have been wrongfully injured or killed because of an unsafe property, call or text me, Joseph Monaco, Pennsylvania premises liability lawyer, to learn your rights.

Pennsylvania Premises Liability Visitor Classifications:

Pennsylvania Business Invitee

A property owner or manager owes the highest duty of care to business invitees. This includes the duty to actively inspect the property for hazardous conditions and defects that can cause injury.

Pennsylvania Licensee

This category includes someone who is visiting a friend’s home as a social guest or is simply someone walking along a sidewalk in front of a residential or commercial property. It is reasonable for a licensee to presume that a property is free of hazardous s conditions. Property managers, homeowners and even renters have a duty to keep their properties safe for others.

Pennsylvania Trespasser

A property owner or manager is only liable to a trespasser for wanton or willful negligence. A key issue in these cases is determining whether the injured party is in fact a trespasser. Children are treated differently even if they are trespassing. The property owner can be liable to a child for simple negligence if the property is considered to have an “Attractive Nuisance.” An example of this would be a swing or rope attached to an abandoned bridge or a swimming pool in a backyard.

Contact An Experienced Pennsylvania Premises Liability Lawyer

If you hire me as your lawyer, you can expect that I will work tirelessly as a Pennsylvania Trial Lawyer from beginning to end to make sure you are awarded the maximum amount of monetary compensation available under the laws of Pennsylvania. Call or text me, Joseph Monaco, at 215-546-3166 or for a Free Consultation and the No Recovery, No Fee Guarantee.

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