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Pennsylvania Car Accident Lawyer

With over 30 years of experience as a Pennsylvania Auto Accident Lawyer, I know from years of experience that you or a loved one’s life can be turned upside down because of another person or company’s reckless or careless behavior. If you or a loved one have been wrongfully killed or injured in a Pennsylvania car accident, hiring an experienced personal injury attorney is key to being awarded the full extent of monetary compensation allowed under Pennsylvania law. Call or text me, Joseph Monaco, to learn how my over 25 years of experience as a Pennsylvania car accident lawyer can work for you.

Don’t wait. It is important to take immediate action so the investigation of your claim may begin before evidence is lost or destroyed. Plus, you will need to determine what auto insurance company is going to be paying your medical bills and auto repairs. Many healthcare providers will not schedule an appointment without knowing how they are going to get paid.

I personally handle every type of auto accident case including victims with full tort or limited tort who have been injured in car accidents ranging from pedestrian to distracted driving. My goal is to work tirelessly for my clients who have been harmed in a Pennsylvania Auto Accident. Initially, you may be lured in by the insurance company’s claim representative to take a low offer of settlement. If you are unrepresented, you will likely get an unfair, low ball offer. After all, it is the insurance company’s goal to increase profits, not pay you what you deserve. That’s why it is important to hire me as quickly as possible to protect your rights.

Car accidents often involve needless collisions with other types of motor vehicles such as motorcycles, trucks, SUVs, tractor trailers and buses. There are a myriad of legal issues when you are involved in a Pennsylvania car accident. For example, when you are involved in a Pennsylvania car accident, there are important issues stemming from the type of auto insurance you purchased. You will have medical benefits coverage under you auto insurance policy that covers medical bills for you and your family. Your health insurance will only cover you or your family after the medical benefits under the auto insurance policy are exhausted. Moreover, you would have selected a lawsuit option under your policy. In Pennsylvania, you have the choice of selecting full tort or limited tort regarding your right to sue. Oddly enough, your selection of a lawsuit option affects whether you may bring a claim against the person who caused the accident. There are exceptions, however. For example, you may be deemed to have selected the full tort option if the accident is caused by a drunk driver or involves a vehicle registered in another state. Do not attempt to confront these complex issues alone.

Contact An Experienced Pennsylvania Car Accident Lawyer Today

Call or text me, Joseph Monaco, at 215-546-3166 or for a Free Consultation and the No Recovery, No Fee Guarantee. For over 25 years as a Second Generation Trial Lawyer, , I have been representing clients that have been seriously injured or killed in auto and car accidents in Pennsylvania, including such cities as Lancaster, Philadelphia, Allentown, Scranton, Media, Doylestown, Norristown and Reading.

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