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Millville Auto Accident Lawyer

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Every Millville driver in their own way has a fear of being in a serious auto accident. Reckless or careless drivers, dangerous road conditions like snow and ice and near misses affect every driver. This makes us all a bit timid and weary of the possibility that we or a loved one might find ourselves in a serious collision. Unfortunately, many people in the Millville, New Jersey area have personally experienced the harm resulting from an automobile accident. Plus, many of these accidents leave those involved injured or even wrongfully killed. If you or a loved one have been involved in a Millville motor vehicle accident, call or text me, Joseph Monaco, to learn how a Millville Auto Accident Lawyer can help.

Accidents happen everyday and the extent of harm caused by a Millville auto accident can vary significantly. The scope of the injuries can range from whiplash to a tragic fatality. Victims and their families are often left reeling. Car crashes usually happen in the blink of an eye with the surprise alone being traumatic. The force of the impact can leave people shocked or stunned, and severe injuries can go unnoticed for hours, days, or weeks at a time.

Who can You Sue for a Millville, New Jersey Motor Vehicle Accident?

Driver negligence is the primary cause of motor vehicle accidents in Millville, New Jersey. Every driver has a duty to operate his vehicle reasonably. The failure to do saw is deemed negligence, and significant poor behavior can be ruled reckless. Drivers have to be safe by following the “Rules of the Road.”

Every Millville driver owes a duty to everyone else on the roadways. This includes passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, operators and anyone else in harm’s way. When drivers do not act like a prudent, reasonable person, they breach their duty, which can lead to legal liability for the harm caused including wrongful death, bodily injury and property damage.

Auto accidents are not just caused by careless or reckless drivers. For example, governmental agencies designing unsafe roads, businesses allowing untrained drivers to operate fleet vehicles or manufacturers producing vehicles that are not crashworthy can all lead to otherwise preventable accidents.

Millville auto accidents carry significant financial and emotional costs. Severe accidents can lead to unforeseeable turmoil affecting every aspect of your life. When this happens, you and your family deserve to be monetarily compensated for the resulting harm. While the law can never undo the harm you have endured, it can give you the financial resources needed to have a productive life.

As a second generation trial lawyer, I understand how challenging the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident can be. The road to justice is often difficult and frustrating. I have dedicated my life to fight for under underdog. The big insurance companies are in the business to maximize profits, not pay victims what they deserve. Whether your Millville accident case involves whiplash or a wrongful death, I always put forth maximum effort to achieve the best results. I will work hard to recover every penny you deserve.

Steps to Follow After a Millville Car Accident:

  • Call For Help – Make sure you and others involved get the medical care you need. Call the police so they can assist you including securing an ambulance.
  • Collect Information – After you have determine whether medical attention is needed, you should preserve evidence by taking photos of the vehicles, roadway, other drivers and passengers, witnesses, insurance cards, registrations and driver’s licenses.
  • Do Not Make Any Admissions – A Millville motor vehicle accident can leave you shaken and confused. This can result in an unintended admissions of fault. Do not admit fault to your own insurance company either. Speak to a trial lawyer first.
  • Contact a Millville Car Accident Lawyer – Call o text me at 609-277-3166 for an experienced auto accident lawyer to guide you through the process.

What Not to do After a Millville Car Accident

Millville accident victims sometimes hold off in contacting a trial lawyer thinking they can handle the mater themselves. This is a huge mistake. Insurance companies are not on your side. The claims representative may seem friendly but she is trained to be like that. Speaking directly to the insurance companies, even your own, can cost you money. And the costs will be far more than those for hiring a seasoned Millville accident lawyer who will maximize your recovery.

Joseph Monaco, New Jersey Trial Lawyer

I have over 25 years of experience handling auto accidents throughout the entire state of New Jersey. As a result, I am able to provide you with aggressive representation. I know how important financial compensation is for you and your loved ones. l will treat you and your family with the fairness and respect you deserve. That is my objective as a New Jersey Trial Lawyer.

Call our Millville Auto Accident Lawyers Today

My firm will not charge for our services unless there is a successful recovery. We provide the No Recovery, No Fee Guarantee. I also offer a free consultation. Call or text me at 609-277-3166, or use the online contact form. Either way, I am easily accessible to help you understand your rights under New Jersey personal injury and wrongful death laws. Time limits apply to personal injury and wrongful death claims. The limit is normally two years; however, the time limit can be short as 90 days if you are trying to pursue a claim against a governmental agency such as a New Jersey Transit or a township. So, please contact me as soon as possible.

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