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South Jersey Slip, Fall & Dog Bite Lawyer > Camden County Premises Liability Lawyer

Camden County Premises Liability Lawyer

Camden County Slip and Fall Claims

As a Camden County premises liability Lawyer, I handle premises liability cases for clients who have sustained varying degrees of injury including displaced fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and back sprains and strains, torn menisci in the knee and ruptured discs in the spine. After a Camden County slip & fall accident, you or a loved one may incur medical bills and lost wages. You also may have questions about being compensated for pain and suffering. Call me, Joseph Monaco, and I will properly investigate your case and help you understand your rights in going after the reckless or careless property owner, manager or tenant. A duty to keep properties safe is the law in New Jersey.

Camden County Dram Shop Claims (Improperly Serving Alcohol)

9,967 people were killed in the United States in 2014 by drunk driving accidents. Someone is killed once every 53 minutes. In New Jersey, 562 individuals were killed in 2015 motor vehicle accidents. As a New Jersey Dram Shop Lawyer, I have handled dram shop cases against bars and restaurants that have recklessly served visibly intoxicated customers, who then cause accidents resulting in wrongful death or serious bodily injury to others or themselves. It is also possible for parents to be responsible if their teenager is throwing a party where alcohol is being served to minors. In some cases, the intoxicated culprit and alcohol supplier may be jointly liable for damages.

Responsibility for recklessly or carelessly serving alcohol can happen many ways:

  • Serving visibly intoxicated patrons
  • Businesses selling or serving alcohol without a license
  • Serving or selling alcohol to minors
  • Buying alcohol for a minor who then provides it to another minor
  • Apartment complex or hotel failing to shut down underage drinking party
  • Failing to keep alcohol locked and secured with known minors on premises

Assaults from Inadequate Building Security

Inadequate security cases may happen anywhere in Camden County. These cases usually involve victims of crime at a business establishment such as a hotel, apartment or shopping center or other similar establishment. Owners of these businesses are responsible if the likelihood of criminal activity such as parking lot assaults is reasonably foreseeable and they fail to implement reasonable security measures to protect their customers, tenants or others legally on the premises. These cases are usually quite complex and require a seasoned Camden County Premises Liability Lawyer to be handled properly.

Speak with an Experienced Camden County Premises Liability Lawyer Today

If you or a loved one have been injured or killed in a Camden County New Jersey, call or text me, Joseph Monaco, at 609-277-3166. As a New Jersey Trial Lawyer, I have experience handling cases for families throughout Camden County including Cherry Hill, Pennsauken and Winslow Township. Free Consultation plus the No Recocery, No Fee Guarantee.

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