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South Jersey Slip, Fall & Dog Bite Lawyer > Bridgeton Premises Liability Lawyer

Bridgeton Premises Liability Lawyer

I believe that when you legally enter someone’s property in Bridgeton, Ne Jersey, you have a legal right to expect basic safety. If a Bridgeton property owner, manager or renter fails to keep the property reasonably safe for its intended uses – including inspecting for needed repairs, – New Jersey law will hold the corporation or individual financially responsible for any damages that occur as a result of reckless or negligent conduct. If you or a loved one have been wrongfully injured or killed in a Bridgeton, New Jersey premises liability lawsuit, call me, Joseph Monaco, to learn your rights from a Bridgeton premises liability lawyer.

Premises Liability Laws in New Jersey

New Jersey premises liability laws state that corporations or individuals who control a property (owner, landlord, tenant, manager, government agency, township) are liable for injuries and accidents sustained on their property when the Bridgeton property is dangerous. Common premises liability cases involve slip and fall injuries, defective premises conditions, elevator accidents, swimming pool accidents, dog bites, fires, water leaks, and toxic chemicals.

When property owners are negligent in providing a reasonably safe environment for visitors, customers, hired workers, contractors, and anyone else invited onto their property, premises liability laws make it their responsibility to pay for damages. Injury alone isn’t enough of a factor, however. Property owners must have been negligent in their duties for the courts to hold them responsible.

Determining Legal Status in a Bridgeton Premises Liability Case

To have a case against a Bridgeton property owner for defective or dangerous conditions, the legal status of the injury victim has to be determined. These then determines the legal obligations of the property’s occupier to reasonably maintain the property. There are three different classes of people who enter a property: Invitee, Licensee (Social Guest) and Trespasser.

Invitee: This is a person on the property with the owner’s consent. This includes being at the property as a patron for business purposes Legally, an invitee including a business invitee is owed the highest standard of care. This incls the duty to inspect the property for dangers.

Licensee: This is someone entering the property lawfully but not there by invitation. However, a social guest is considered a licensee. The property must be kept safe but there is no duty to inspect for hidden dangers. With licensees, a property owner is liable for willful or wanton conduct and for the failure to warn about known dangers on the property.

Trespasser: This is a person who enters a property without permission when warned not to enter. The property owner does not have to take reasonable care to prevent dangerous conditions; however, there are exceptions for minors if the property is deemed an attractive nuisance.

Why Hire a Bridgeton Premises Liability Lawyer?

Bridgeton premises liability cases can be complex and difficult to prove. That’s why it is important to hire a skilled lawyer to conduct a proper, early investigation. Evidence can be lost or destroyed if too much time passes before an assessment of the case is performed. When you or a family member need experienced legal help in Bridgeton, New Jersey, call or text me at 609-277-3166 for a Free Consultation.

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