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New Jersey & Pennsylvania Premises Liability Lawyer > New Jersey & Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Lawyer

New Jersey & Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Lawyer

When you are injured while on duty, there are unique legal issues involved. You will be entitled to recover lost wages and medical expenses and possibly a lump sum settlement. Monetary compensation does vary depending on whether you are receiving New Jersey or Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Benefits. If you or a family member have been injured at work call me to have a New Jersey & Pennsylvania workers compensation lawyer working for you and not for your employer or its insurance company. It is important that you contact me, Joseph Monaco, right away because there could be restrictions on where you are able to receive treatment for your injuries.

Contact An Experienced New Jersey & Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Lawyer Today

If you are needlessly injured while working, did you know that you may not be limited to simply receiving workers compensation benefits from your employer? You may also be eligible to bring a traditional personal injury claim if another corporation or person caused your injuries. The legal issues can be very confusing when bringing a personal injury claim and a workers compensation claim for the same accident. To help sort through the issues, call me so I will be able to offer you and your family my over 25 years experience as a Trial Lawyer in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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